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Blendelle Lip Balms:

Blendelle Lip Balms keep your lips supple and hydrated with all-natural ingredients that your skin loves. No artificial flavours, colours or beeswax.

Available in Lavender, Cherry, Vegan (flavour-free) and Vanilla.

Lip Balms

The Blendelle Fragrance Balms are created from a detailed knowledge of the benefits and applications of aromatherapy, using essential oils that are equitably and sustainably sourced. Request a custom fragrance with the unique properties you are looking for by using our contact form.


For example, a Blendelle Lavender Fragrance Balm can be used as a delicate fragrance that is calming, but can also be used as a spot treatment for skin blemishes or as a relaxation aid for sleep.

Fragrance Balms

Blendelle Skin Care:

Blendelle creates all-natural skincare products, cleanser, toner and moisturizer, formulated to your skin type and any skin conditions or sensitivities you require. A short consultation will begin the process and a customized plan is built around your needs, with products blended to enhance and nourish your skin.

Blendelle skin care is cooperative and collaborative. As your skin improves or changes, the formulations are adjusted to exactly what you need.

Some common skin concerns our formulations support include:

  • Highly sensitive skin (fragrance-free, chemical-free)

  • Eczema and dermatitis

  • Reducing fine lines and minimizing pores

  • Relieving redness from rosacea

  • Facing age spots or healing sun-damaged skin

Natural Skin Care

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