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"Everybody has natural beauty."

This is the core philosophy behind Blendelle products - that every individual has a natural beauty that can be celebrated and enhanced using natural ingredients. Blendelle products are gentle on skin, more easily absorbed and the benefits are safe and lasting. 

Flower bouquet

Scent Your Senses

Two hour workshop   |    Max. 6 participants

Regularly $95 - Special Pricing: $65 per person

All materials included.

Location: Lighthouse Arts Centre,

1800 Argyle St., Halifax, Nova Scotia 

Enjoy a boutique, hands-on experience crafting your own signature fragrance using natural, non-irritant essential oils while learning the fundamentals of blending perfume. 

Blendelle Aromatherapy Skin Care products are crafted from quality, natural ingredients that are selected and blended for therapeutic benefits and results. Custom blends are tailored to your specific skin type and the desired results you want to achieve, whether it's to clear-up acne, treat redness and rosacea, or balance oily or dry skin.

With an easy consultation call, your individual needs can be met with a skin care blend that works for you. Mention any concerns or conditions you would like to improve and our expert knowledge will craft a natural solution.

Natural Skin Care
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